Team Building Málaga

If you are looking for an original, innovative and effective Team Building experience we assure you that The X Door Malaga is the perfect option. This escape room experience puts to the test organizational skills and working as a team better than any other activity. The objective is simple; Each team has 60 minutes to figure out how to escape from a weird and incredible room in which they find themselves trapped…

If you want to put to the test your employees, work colleagues or even friends, choose The X-Door and you will not only enjoy yourselves but have a truly memorable experience.

Our activities are a unique experience open for all; men and women of any age or culture.

To solve all the mysteries that surround the room and escape you will have to work together under pressure and organize yourselves in the best possible way.

You will also have to put to the test your creativity, imagination and powers of observation in order to solve the many riddles that surround this room.

The X Door is an activity ideal to reinforce bonds between a group of work mates but also you can organize various groups that play in turn to compete against one another in order to generate a healthy rivalry and see which team solves the mysteries quickest.

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